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The City of Henderson Declares Pigeons a Public Nuisance

Opinions about pigeons vary far and wide. Many people enjoy watching and even feeding the birds. However, in the City of Henderson, roosting and/or lingering pigeons have been added to the local municipal code and listed as a public nuisance.

While Henderson also refers to “offending the aesthetic senses by pigeon contamination,” the threats posed by pigeons to humans, companion animals, homes and businesses are much greater. In our 15 years of providing pigeon control to property owners throughout the Las Vegas valley, we have come in contact with people who have become ill due to exposure to pigeon excrement and have seen the acidic dropping literally eat through tile roofing materials.
pigeon roof 2
pigeon roof








Keeping our properties free of these nuisance birds is in the best interest of all within our community. So, we advise our customers and readers to refrain from using bird feeders and baths, bring in the food bowls if you feed your animals outside and maintain any fruiting trees and/or bushes you may have to reduce the chances of pigeons taking up residency at your home or business.










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