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Pigeon Problems Solved Correctly

You have probably found our site because you are investigating pigeon control, pigeon removal, or how to get rid of pigeons on your property. You might have even read somewhere (not here) that putting up a fake owl or a rubber snake on the roof will solve your pigeon problem. The reason why these methods won’t work is because pigeons are super smart, observant, and extremely persistent. If you look at the bottom of those fake owls it will say “for maximum effectiveness move owl every two to three days”. That’s because pigeons are smart enough to realize if it’s not moving its not real and to be honest there are so many of these fake owls up around Las Vegas they are used to seeing them and know they won’t cause any harm. In a recent study scientists confirmed that pigeons have now shown that they can learn abstract numerical rules which is an ability that until now had been only demonstrated by primates. The pigeons actually performed so well that their performance was indistinguishable from that displayed by monkeys. Read the entire article by the New York Times about how pigeons are learning higher math.