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Protecting your investment: How to keep pigeons from nesting under solar panels

Homeless pigeons around the Las Vegas Valley have finally found their dream homes! For the last several years, more than 15,000 homes have had solar panels installed on their roofs. And while that means great things for Mother Earth, the panels also draw pesky pigeons and their destructive droppings. The panels provide a safe environment from overhead flying predators as well as a shady place for their offspring to flourish which in Las Vegas can be difficult to find due to our extreme summer temperatures.


The amount of power a panel can produce is directly related to the intensity of sunlight that reaches the panels internal crystals. When pigeons decide to nest under the panels, bird droppings can build up over time and greatly reduce the amount of electricity generated by the module. Pigeon feces will allow less light to reach the crystals which results in a less efficient panel and lower power output.  Not only can the pigeon debris buildup on top of the panel, but the majority of the nesting materials are underneath the panels. Over time, this accumulation of their corrosive droppings can cause roof leaks when feces become trapped underneath the panels, creating a dam effect where rain water can’t flow properly off of the roof.  The acidic nature of bird droppings will destroy not only on the solar panels and electrical devices, but roofing materials as well.

Pigeons Be Gone can remove the nesting materials, pressure wash, and disinfect the areas where pigeons have been nesting.  After cleaning, a preventative screening would be installed around the solar panels.  Screens are hand cut to fit in the peaks and valleys of your roof and are attached with clips instead of screwing into the panel which could void your panels warranties.